Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Gingerbread Man Book

I just got a copy of GINGERBREAD MAN SUPERHERO! by Dotti Enderle. I think kids are going to love this one. As with most of the gingerbread stories, the Little Old Woman makes a gingerbread man as a treat for her husband. But before popping him in the oven.."remembering how grumpy The Little Old Man has been lately...she pressed a nice plump prune in the belly." And the story continues. The gingerbread man escapes, finds a dishtowel to wear as a cape and soars over town and finds someone who needs help. This is a fun superhero story and a fun new version of this favorite story. There is a refrain, as you would expect and the art is almost comic booky with talking bubbles and text boxes. A fun addition to our gingerbread collection!

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