Saturday, November 14, 2009

Call for Poetry Friday Round Up Hosts

In an effort to keep this great good thing we know and love as Poetry Friday running as smoothly as possible until such time as its founder, Kelly Herold, is able to take the reins again, and under the advisement of Greg (GottaBook), Tricia (Miss Rumphius), Susan (Chicken Spaghetti), and Diane (Random Noodling), I am putting out a call for Poetry Friday Round Up Hosts for the next three months.

I will post the schedule on our blog, on the calendar of the Kidlitosphere Yahoo group, and on the Kidlitosphere website. In addition, I will make the code for the schedule available to whoever requests it so that you, too, can have the schedule in your blog's sidebar if you so desire!

Leave your requested Friday in the comments or email me directly at mlhahn at earthlink dot net.

EDITED: Dates are filling up fast -- see schedule in sidebar. Thanks to all who have (and will) volunteer!!!


  1. Mary Lee,

    I'd be happy to host one or two of the upcoming Poetry Friday Roundups.

    Here are the dates that are best for me:

    DEC. 4
    JAN. 15, 22, 29

  2. I've put the schedule up on Random Noodling, so I won't need code. I'll update the schedule when the last two slots are filled. Thanks for getting us all back on track.

  3. I'd be very happy to host in March if you're taking bookings that far ahead - any Friday is fine for me.
    Playing by the book


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