Friday, November 06, 2009

Poetry Friday -- Beyond Surrounding Clouds

by James Weldon Johnson

My heart be brave, and do not falter so,
Nor utter more that deep, despairing wail.
Thy way is very dark and drear I know,
But do not let thy strength and courage fail;
For certain as the raven-winged night
Is followed by the bright and blushing morn
Thy coming morrow will be clear and bright;
'Tis darkest when the night is furthest worn.
Look up, and out, beyond surrounding clouds...

(the rest of the poem is at the Poetry Foundation)

This poem goes out to all who are struggling right now along ways that are dark and drear and that make their hearts utter deep despairing wails. " not let thy strength and courage fail..." and remember, "Thy coming morrow will be clear and bright..."

This, too, shall pass.

The round up this week is at Wild Rose Reader. Thank you, Elaine, for stepping in and gathering us together!


  1. Mary Lee,

    Fine poem selection today. I used to turn to poetry often when there were surrounding clouds about me.

    I'll do the Poetry Friday Roundup. Send folks to Wild Rose Reader!

  2. "There is a power making for the right."

    For so many reasons, big and little, I needed to read this today. Thanks for this sonnet of comfort and hope.

  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I am always amazed how we are led to the right poem for the right moment. I needed some hope today. Thanks.


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