Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry Friday -- Manners

photo by roboppy

by Howard Nemerov

Prig offered Pig the first chance at dessert,
So Pig reached out and speared the bigger part.

"Now that," cried Prig, "is extremely rude of you!"
Pig, with his mouth full, said, "Wha, wha' wou' 'ou do?"

(the whole poem, including the punch line ending, is at The Writer's Almanac.)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! This poem seemed to be appropriate not just for all of the feasting that took place yesterday, but also for the Black Friday grabbing shopping that is taking place even as I sit at my quiet kitchen table and compose this post. All I plan to buy today is a haircut, so the rest of you can knock yourselves out (and maybe each other) getting great deals and spending lots of money.

The round up today is at Becky's Book Reviews.


  1. Oh that's a fun way to start my morning! Thanks for sharing it. I want a piece of that pecan pie you have a picture of too!

    Glad I have no plans to go out in the craziness today.

  2. Is that piece of pecan pie up for grabs? I didn't have room last night :).

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Great poem to share- Thanks! I have a lot of friends at school who will love it. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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