Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Books I Could Read a Million Times

I lucked out this week with 2 books I could read a million times.
And I wasn't quite expecting it. It has been a while that I've found books that I enjoy more each time I read them. But I am definitely adding
My Garden by Kevin Henkes
Chester's Masterpiece
to the list of BOOKS I CAN READ A MILLION TIMES. I read these to the younger kids in the library and they LOVED them!

I have always loved Kevin Henkes. I love Lilly and Chrysanthemum and so many of his others. I am still getting used to the fact that not all of his books are about great little mice. It always throws me a bit to see something new and different from Henkes. But I loved the look of MY GARDEN and it was a cute story when I read it, so I added it to my plans for last week. Most of the books on my BOOKS I CAN READ A MILLION TIMES list, don't actually make the list until I've read them to lots of kids. It is in the reading them to children, that I actually realize how amazing they are. I love every single page of MY GARDEN. This story is about a little girl who dreams of her own garden. She has such great ideas for her garden--planting jellybeans, plaid flowers and invisible carrots. The illustrations are stunning in the way that the colors contrast with the white background. This is such a happy book. I loved reading it to kids each and every time. Their eyes--thinking about the possibilities of a child's dream garden--was quite fun!

And, CHESTER'S MASTERPIECE by Melanie Watt may be my favorite Chester book yet. If you know Chester, you have to love him. In this newest book, he steals author Melanie Watt's writing supplies and attempts to write a book without her. With red marker in hand, Chester claims to need no help from Melanie Watt. I love that we have learned what to expect from Chester. If we've read his other books, it is fun to see how these predictable things play out in this newest book. The kids were so happy to see a new Chester book. And it was more fun to read aloud than I had imagined.


  1. I love the Chester books. I have laughed out loud in the bookstore over them numerous husband thinks I am crazy.

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I work in a library in the UK and the book you've featured, reminds me of a book I always pick up. It's called 'Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton Trent' by Lauren Childs. It's a kids book, but really fun and the illustrations are really well done


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