Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poem #24--Coffee House Sonnet

When at the coffee shop we both do sit
and sip dark roast or other blended drink
we open books and read for just a bit
which turns into an hour in a blink.
Around us others read from their books or
they stare with blank looks at computer screens.
To study here is not so much a chore
and bonus points are scored for the caffeine.
But only so much there can we get done:
the groc'ries, laundry, cleaning still do wait.
We must make time on Saturday for fun
and yet not so much that we run too late.
All things in their own time and their own place.
Work hard, have fun, but keep a steady pace.


  1. "Bonus points are scored for the caffeine" -- yes! Fun sonnet.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Ahh to open books and read for an hour...think I will do that today. Yesterdy was school play practice and meeting a library colleague to plan for the bargaining table. Ended with dinner out with hubby.
    I have not tried a soneet.

  3. Oh what a true-to-life sonnet, and it read so perfectly sonnet-y! Reading it again, I realize that it ties to the one word poem, "Balance."
    Did you think about that when you found that poem?


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