Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Wonderful World.20 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRANKI!!!

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20. The Grand Canyon

For the Grand Canyon (and Franki)

You're amazing.
I like to watch people's faces
when they first experience you.
There's no mistaking the power of your energy.

You're inspiring.
We see what you've accomplished,
the vigor and potential in all you do,
and we know we could do more and be more.

You're incredible:
the reach of your influence;
your stamina, your spirit, your passion;
the bubbly joy at your core.

You're a wonder.
You make the world a better place.
You are a force for good.
We are lucky to have you in our world.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

Carol has two poems and a process post about Chichen Itza at Carol's Corner.

Catherine joins us with a Grand Canyon poem at Reading to the Core.

Kevin pays tribute to the Colorado River in his poem at Kevin's Meandering Mind.

Colette's Grand Canyon poem at 100 Words a Day will give you gasps of wonder AND fear. 


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Happy Birthday, Franki! What a beautiful birthday tribute, Mary Lee.
    My poem celebrating the Grand Canyon is here:

  2. What a wonderful poem! And so aptly describes Franki!

  3. Love that this poem so wonderfully describes Franki AND the Grand Canyon!

  4. This was perfect ML! There is no mistaking the power of her energy.

  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Sorry, no Franki...and this is a bit of a "downer" for Grand Canyon Wonder Day....but Catherine Flynn was submitting her memory of the Gand Canyon (which is lovely!) I also have a Grand Canyon memory that I needed to put on paper. Maybe next time something more upbeat from me...? I put this on my #engchat challenge blog #100words100days instead of my Used Books in Class blog:

    1. Not a downer, but certainly one that causes a gasp in the reader right along with yours!!

  6. Mary Lee,
    So many of the words shared today about Franki go right to you as well. You are such a strength in your calm, quiet way. Thank you for bringing so many together today to celebrate a mutual friend loved by so many! It is no WONDER why you two are blogging partners!

  7. Exactly. It's a wonder. I love the beginning of each stanza.

  8. Mary Lee,
    You continue to amaze me with your ability to find an interesting way to structure a poem. I loved the dual meaning behind this one.


  9. Franki,
    How does it feel to have a poem about the Grand Canyon be a poem about you? Now on my bucket list is to meet you both!

  10. You never cease to amaze me! How in the world could a poem about the Grand Canyon turn into a beautiful tribute to a dear friend??? Only you could pull it off!

    Lots of messing around with words today. Same message, just lots of different forms.


    About that
    that existed between
    Light and Dark
    Lovely and Loveless
    Holy and Helpless

    It isn't there anymore.

    Love reached across
    Sin's Grandest Canyon.

    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2014



    Years ago
    I stood on the rim
    of the Grand Canyon
    marvelled at multicolored layers
    rugged rock formations
    shifting shadows
    orange red yellow
    setting sun

    breathtaking beauty

    But there is that other
    Grand Canyon
    layers and layers
    of rock hard sin heart
    secrets no one
    is allowed to know
    unmentionable ugliness
    dark depravity

    breathtaking brokenness

    And through that blackness
    runs the river of Christ's love
    wearing down
    wearing down
    wearing down
    hardest of hearts
    by the river
    of His enormous love
    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2014

    I also tried a tanka.

    Easter. Holy Love
    reaches across Grand Canyon
    of separation
    between His purity and
    my absolute impurity
    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2014


    And a few haiku…

    "Then Came Easter"
    Grandest Canyon
    between Holiness and sin
    and then came Easter

    Bridges Grand Canyon
    Between His purity and
    my depravity

    So thankful for Grace
    that bridged canyon between
    Pure heart and dark heart

    Easter. When Grace reached
    across Grand Canyon between
    Holiness and me

  11. Mary Lee~
    As always I love reading your poetry! When I read "the bubble joy at your core" I could see Frankis little snicker at her nose and hear her bubbly laugh! Thanks for the visual imagery!

  12. This is charming - what a tribute to a friend -- and to a walloping great hole in the ground. ☺


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