Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Wonderful World.27

Details of my Poetry Month Project can be found here.

27. Sunrise

It's a
daily wonder
most people sleep right through.
I've sung sun's praises since childhood.
Still do.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

I'm a morning person. I love sunrise. We're good friends. I actually love the darkness right before sunrise almost as much as the sunrise itself. Anticipation, expectation...then...renewal.

And what I said about singing sun's praises? I meant that literally. I remember, at about 5 years old, running out into the middle of the back yard and belting out "Heavenly Sunshine" (a Bible School song) first thing on summer mornings. I remember standing at the kitchen sink with mom, singing "You Are My Sunshine." I remember, as a high schooler, playing my guitar and leading the Easter Sunrise Service congregation in "Morning Has Broken."

I grew up in a place where the most distinctive feature of the landscape is the horizon. Drive five minutes out of town in any direction and you can see all 360° of it. The upshot of this is that I grew up watching the sky, the sun, the clouds. Some people feel an emotional pull to mountains, some to ocean. But I feel most myself when I'm in that spacious open land with nothing around me and the bright blue bowl of the sky above me.

We're winding down the Our Wonderful World project and Poetry Month 2014. I'm glad I saved some personal wonders for these last four days. The big wide amazing world is one thing, but our small particular dear-to-us worlds are even more precious. Because they are ours.

Kevin has a sunrise/sunset mirror poem for today.

Carol's sunrise poem is at Carol's Corner.


  1. I love your back story almost as much as your poem this morning. My dad was the morning parent in our house and some of my happiest memories of him involve sitting in the kitchen, him drinking coffee and working on a yellow legal pad, while I read or drew. Oh, and I also liked to practice the piano in the morning, but that was not so well received by my mom and sisters. And then as an adult, when I moved to New Hampshire, I missed the huge blue bowl of sky most of all.

    Oh and I got my poem written two mornings in a row! Yippee

    1. YAY, you!! Writing in the morning rocks!

      I tried writing a poem with all that back story in it...but gave up and wrote a cinquain.

  2. I liked your commentary as much as the poem today. I sing Morning Has Broken every year at Easter and have fond memories of watching sunrises and sunsets.
    Here on the bayou where I live, the sun rises and throws a glow directly down the stream lighting on cypress trees and making the green greener. In the evening, a softer light comes down from the other direction. There's a poem in this somewhere.

  3. I think this one may be my all-time favorite... because it is SO TRUE. Being awake before everyone else, sniffing up all the fresh air... bliss.


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