Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Our Wonderful World.9

Details of my Poetry Month Project can be found here.


W is for Wonder

From the far end of the reflecting pool
the Taj Mahal is a W.

Unanswered questions carved in white marble:
What? Where? When? Why? and are you able

to fathom the love the emperor felt
when he had this tribute built?

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

Kevin's Taj Mahal poem is about the blues singer of the same name.

Carol and Catherine have Leaning Tower of Pisa poems from yesterday at Carol's Corner and Reading to the Core.


  1. I went towards the blues ...

  2. Amazing story that's been passed down through the years about this. Questioning the wonder of it is good. Hard to imagine both that kind of love or wealth!

  3. I love your off rhymes. Pool and W! Brilliant.

  4. Very nice. One day I would love to see this.

  5. A couple of found poems is the best I can do tonight.


    The calligraphy
    on the Great Gate reads,
    "O Soul,
    thou art at rest.
    to the Lord
    at peace
    with Him,
    and He
    at peace
    with you.

    "To Display the Creator's Glory"

    Should guilty
    seek asylum here,
    Like one pardoned,
    he becomes free from sin.
    Should a sinner
    make his way to this mansion,
    All his past sins
    are to be washed away.
    The sight of this mansion
    creates sorrowing sighs;
    And the sun and the moon
    shed tears
    from their eyes.
    In this world
    this edifice
    has been made;
    To display thereby
    the creator's glory.


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