Saturday, April 05, 2014

Our Wonderful World.5

Details of my Poetry Month Project can be found here.


My Uncle's Getting Married

My uncle's getting married
in the church at Broad and High.
He's wearing a tuxedo,
cummerbund and bolo tie.

After all the boring stuff,
it's off to the party house.
We'll eat a fancy dinner
and we'll toast his brand new spouse.

The fun will really start then,
the groom will dance his bride,
we'll do the Macarena,
chicken dance, electric slide.

We'll boogie woogie, bump and grind,
we'll limbo way down low.
We'll shimmy, shake, we'll shuffle, swing
we'll do our best disco.

And when the bride says, "One more dance!"
the conga line she leads.
We ribbon all around the room,
we curve, we swerve, we weave.

A snake of happy revelers,
the young and old alike,
connected hand to waist to back,
we dance away the night.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

I'm giving myself permission to have more fun with this project. I don't think I can write 25 more poems that are exactly about the wonders. So anything at all about the wonder that inspires me is fair game. 

Can you tell how I got today's poem from the image of the Great Wall? I hope you can see the conga line in the photo!

Here's Kevin's beautiful poem, Walls Won't Hold Us.

Here's Carol's poem about the Catacombs from yesterday, at Carol's Corner.


  1. My poem over at notegraphy:

    Walls won't hold us:
    Even from this faraway view
    with me, on this side;
    on the other side, you;
    These walls won't hold us.

    Walls won't hold us:
    My paper airplane floats
    a-flutter of ideas
    scribbled in handwritten notes;
    No, walls won't hold us.

    Walls won't hold us:
    For through this barricade
    I'm remembering your whispers
    of the love we made;
    These walls? Won't hold us.

  2. I figured it out when you wrote "ribbon", because each time I see your pictures, I start thinking about what I might write, Mary Lee. I guess writing about these wonders could become a bit ponderous, couldn't it? Love that dancing rhythm!

  3. I love that you went in a completely different direction today. The alliteration and meter in this poem are really terrific, lots of fun to read. And Kevin's is amazing. Kind of embarrassed to even post this- today I went with an abecedarian.

    “Great Wall of China”

    after approximately 2,000 years of
    building and bloodshed by
    countrymen, criminals, and cavalry, and
    decrees by determined dynasties
    earth dragon extends five thousand miles east to west,
    fortification against fierce invaders
    great wall zigs and zags over
    hills, deserts, grasslands, and mountains
    impervious to intruders
    jewel of Asia, unmentioned
    killed thousands, or maybe millions
    loss of lives lessened by this
    miracle of manpower
    no machines used in construction
    power provided by people
    Qi’s greatest triumph
    relentlessly repaired and renovated
    strengthened by signal towers
    touted by tourists and travelogues
    unused parts in disrepair, even used as
    village playgrounds, variously vandalized but
    welcomed wanderers walk wall
    extolling evidence of
    zealous achievement.
    (c) Carol Wilcox, 2014

  4. I love that you looked at the wall and saw a conga line!


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