Sunday, March 18, 2018

31 Teaching Truths

Photo by Fischer Twins via Unsplash

18. Be prepared.

Sometimes I forget how smoothly things flow when I make extensive and detailed plans. Last week when we were ramping up our long division skills back to where 4th grade leaves off, I not only created strategically mixed-ability small groups, but I also planned out where in the classroom each group would work. Gone was the chaos of choosing a partner and finding a spot to work.

If only there were enough hours in the day to plan that way for every subject every day all week long.


  1. You're echoing so many teachers at this point in the year "Gone was the chaos of choosing a partner and finding a spot to work." Isn't it crazy how "choose a partner and your room collapses" Oh how I wish I could prepare for every subject with such diligence.

  2. My intervention groups go so much better when I have everything planned and laid out ahead of time. And I wish I did that every day, and some days I do, but there are other days…

  3. The cry of every teacher everywhere: "If only I had time to..."


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