Monday, March 19, 2018

31 Teaching Truths

Photo by Fischer Twins via Unsplash

19. Be "The One Who..."

First there was CRB. She was the one who unlocked all the rooms on the second floor because she got to work insanely early. (Wait...did she unlock ALL the doors on both floors?!? I wouldn't put it beyond her.)

She retired and Coop inherited her classroom and carried on the unlocking tradition.

I'm the one who makes the candy that gets delivered after Thanksgiving break. There's the one who always organizes the fashion show for Multicultural Day, the one who cleans out the fridge in the lounge and makes the schedule for Friday treats, the one who serves on the district Leadership Academy committee, the ones who are brave enough to sing karaoke in front of all the students in the school. There used to be the one who sang "Summertime" a cappella over the PA system after the buses pulled away on the last day of school. We miss her. No one has picked up that tradition. Hard shoes to fill.

One of the things that makes our building amazing is our community, our culture. It takes everyone being willing to be "The One Who" to make that kind of community and culture happen. It starts with one and it spreads.

Are you "The One Who?" Or is it time you pitched in and became "The One Who?"

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  1. Reading along here, catching up, and I love the one which reminds us in a different way to be ourselves, to bring our Thing to the community at whatever level. We have The One Who Knits and brings snacks for any classroom that is lacking; the Ones Who run the Variety Show; The One Who started the Early Bird Garden Club. Again, these are wisdom distilled, Mary Lee. Pitch! Pitch! Pitch!


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