Sunday, March 04, 2018

Three Must-Reads!!

I read three books this week that I absolutely loved. I think these are must-reads/must-haves!

I heard about Small Things at last week's #titletalk. Penny Kittle recommended it and I ordered it immediately. I am always looking for new wordless picture books and this one is very powerful. It is definitely not one for young readers but seems perfect for middle grade and middle school. The illustrations are incredible and it tackles the subject of anxiety. Lots to talk about.

I always find a few new books when ALA Youth Media Awards are announced. This year, Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess by Shari Green won the Schneider Family Book Award for middle grade. This was a book I had never heard of but am so glad I ordered it immediately. This book has a great main character, it is told in verse and has so many great talking points. And there is a thread about stories/books that I love. This is PERFECT for middle grade and middle school readers.

I lucked out and was able to borrow a copy (thanks Christina!) of the upcoming YA novel, Tradition  by Brendan Kiely. WOW! This book has had a lot of buzz and it lives up to all of it. This hits a lot of important issues and the characters are amazing. I can't wait until more people read this book. Preorder now! (I only read a few YA novels a year, so even if you are not a YA reader, make sure to read this one!)

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  1. I have Macy on my shelf from the library. Your words just moved it to the top of the pile. I rarely read YA, but your rec makes me consider Tradition. And I'm requesting small things from the library. My stack grows again!


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