Saturday, March 24, 2018

31 Teaching Truths

Photo by Fischer Twins via Unsplash

24. Lead.

If you've been following these 31 Teaching Truths, you might sense a progression in the last few days. #21 was Trust yourself. An important stance, but we should never forget that the smartest person in the room is all of the people in the room, so #22 was Build a PLN. The ultimate PLN is a professional organization in your content area, so #23 was Join a professional organization.

As important as it is to be a joiner, the ultimate challenge lies in being the one with the vision, the energy, and the stamina to lead. You'll never know what you're made of until you put yourself out in front and lead.

Franki is one of my leadership heroines. She has led in every building where she's served, she's led in our district, she's led professional thinking with her books (kudos also to her co-writer on many of them, Karen Szymusiak), she's led local and statewide organizations, and now she's on the brink of becoming the president of NCTE. Three cheers for Franki!

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  1. Franki is definitely a leader worth recognizing! However, there are lots of different kinds of leaders! You are another one of my leader heroes!


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