Wednesday, March 07, 2018

31 Teaching Truths

Photo by Fischer Twins via Unsplash

7. Imagine your students' parents can see and hear you.

They try your patience and fray your nerves, but they are someone else's one and only sugar plum. So take a deep breath, access your last shard of patience, and treat your students with dignity and respect no matter what. Don't stoop to their level. Don't be sarcastic and rude and mean. Remember, every single student in that room is watching how you treat both the overachievers and the underachievers. They are either learning the language of power or the language of compassion -- the choice is yours.


  1. Such impotant reminders of inclusiveness and civility.

  2. Another important message!

  3. My hero Mary Lee:

    There's a special ed teacher in my building who tells her kids that the little blinking lighted object up near the ceiling are cameras and that their parents can see them. I wonder if she's ever realized that they can see her too, in that case.

    This is a professional book--you know that, don't you?


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