Monday, March 26, 2018

31 Teaching Truths

Photo by Fischer Twins via Unsplash

26. Try something new.

The only way to keep your career alive across decades will be by trying new things. Some stick and become "the way I always," but others die off because they needed a particular group of students or a unique quirk of that year's schedule to be powerful.

#classroombookaday was new to me last year, but I think this fun and powerful routine of making time each day for a no-strings-attached picture book read aloud will stick because, well, "fun and powerful" says it all.

A few years ago I started projecting my read-alouds via Kindle. Recently, I've tried to make sure we listen to an Audible production while we read along at least once a year. This year, Refugee (by Alan Gratz) was perfect for listening to professional readers with just the right accents.

My grade level has changed up the way we do Genius Hour to better meet the needs of all of our students. We have one group that committed to doing TED talks, while three groups are cycling through 6-week sessions of makers' space, creativity challenges, and coding/technology projects. I had to let go of my classroom Genius Hour, but I think my students have gotten as much or more from this new approach.

Take a risk and try something new!

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  1. I haven't had my own classroom to try Bookaday, but I would really like to. And I LOVE the idea of listening to an audiobook. REFUGEE sounds perfect! I want to try it with my seventy graders!


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