Thursday, April 25, 2019

And Then on Top of Everything Else

And Then on Top of Everything Else (a teacher's rant)

Let's set the stage--
the calendar page
hasn't turned to May
yet every single day

is filled to the brim
and you're drowning, can't swim,
got to keep the momentum
and don't even mention

talent show
field trip
author visit
summer reading.

On top of all that
(magnify the impact)
the impossible curse of your body:
you're sick.
(Pass the toddy.)

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2019


  1. You're sick and you can STILL write an amazingly clever and wonderful poem??? And one that rhymes? And is a little bit snarky? I love the pacing of this poem! And the rhyming. Momentum/mention! Hope you feel better!

  2. The ups and downs of this time of year, weather-wise & school-wise means colds travel from kids to teacher. You've written the truth!

  3. I LOVED and HATED the end of the year - it all came tumbling forward like an avalanche of rocks, and yet the kids still needed to calmly sit and learn - with so many tugs on their - and MY! - time!

    I hope you're not truly sick - uggggh.

  4. Oh, don't I know it! This time of year is more intense than December holidays. Only one way through it.....just go, go, go! I love that after thought--magnify the impact.

  5. Oh, ML. Lots of love. You are a gift to your students, and this poem nails it. Cheers to you..but with Cabernet right now! Amazing how "today" turns to "long ago" so quickly... Be well. xxxx

  6. This time of year is worse than December! Being sick in the midst of it? So sorry! Get well soon. Such a claver poem with that roll of the metaphor dice.


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