Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Haiku for Hem

Hem didn't come running when I dumped the Haikubes tonight, so Rhino and I worked alone. Our haiku might not seem very flattering, but it's the honest truth. Hem is a rescue cat, and we're pretty sure he was taken too soon from his mother, causing him to miss out on some important early socialization lessons. He plays REALLY rough. He's ruthless. His favorite games involve trying to bite your hand when you pet him, biting your pants leg, and jumping human shoulder-height (after getting those wild tiger eyes) to try to bite the hand you are holding out. One of his nicknames is Mr. Bitey. Hem is a strikingly beautiful cat, but he's drawn blood from both of us many times, resulting in us calling him worse than simply a jerk. He is, however, quite the Daddy's Boy, and he is always able to charm his way back onto AJ's lap.

wild tiger eyes
wicked gleeful biting jerk
charm peace with the man

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2019


  1. Not sure he sounds like a very nice pet! Maybe you should stick to rhinos!

  2. Rhino looks like a great writing partner. You've captured Hem well; must be "interesting" living with Mr. Bitey . . .

  3. Ah, Mr. Bitey. We had a Bitey McNibbles here, and yeah - it's HARD loving those little jerks. But, the wild tiger eyes are... truly gleeful, and it's ...sometimes amusing? Sometimes. Good luck with the charm.

  4. lol. We call those eyes, "buggy eyes" in our house. Our cat is a rescue cat too. He's a Mama's boy...and, I love that after dealing with hundreds of teenagers in a day.

  5. Awwww. Hi Hem! Hi Rhino!


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