Saturday, April 13, 2019

Playing With Poetry -- With MORE Second Graders!

Pink Piglets in a Pen

You think I'm dirty.
I DO love
rolling in mud
I bathe in hay.

©2nd Grade, 2019

Another great group of young poets, and look at all we packed into that poem! Alliteration! Rhyme! Juicy word choices!


  1. So great, Visiting Poet! I dropped by to let you know that I posted today about a link from you that I've had open on my desktop for a long while!

  2. You really did pack a lot into this poem! I love the idea of bathing in hay!

  3. Love the surprise ending!


  4. This poem makes me so happy. It sounds like a real pig talking. You would all like the poem book OUR FARM: BY THE ANIMALS OF FARM SANCTUARY by Maya Gottfried and Robert Zakanitch. Thank you for sharing with us all. xx


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