Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mom's Overture (Teachers' too!)

This is the funniest thing we've seen on YouTube in a long time. Maybe ever. It is everything a mom would say in 24 hours condensed into 2 minutes and 55 seconds, and set to the William Tell Overture.

So, it got us thinking about all the things teachers say in a school day.

Let's gather a list of all of the kinds of things we say. While we might never sing it on YouTube, perhaps you could hum the William Tell Overture while you read it.

Here are a few of our common phrases to get you started:

Have a seat, get ready for math, zip, exCUSE me?!?
Take out your homework, come to the meeting area, did you sign in?
Bring your writer's notebook, do your self-evaluation, find it!
What happens when...? What did you...? Where is your...?
Don't forget to do your lunch count.
Get your coats--it's cold out today.
Pick up the scraps around your table.
What's going on? Whatcha doin'?
Clean your desk, look again, are you sure?
What are you going to do about that?
Take out your planner, sit down please, shhhhhhh...
We're ready for a quiet line.
Have a good evening! Don't forget your homework!

Send us your best phrases, and we'll compile them all into a Teacher's Overture.

Edited to add this one I just found on Cynthia Lord's blog: "A fourth-grade teacher in Franconia, New Hampshire sent me a link to a podcast of his students discussing RULES. Wow.

First, my jaw dropped and then I got teary listening to those kids! What thoughtful comments. I especially loved when they are discussing, "Is life fair for Catherine?" and "How do you define regular and normal?" how one student said there is an "infinity chance" of normal.

I also smiled when the teacher said, "The only person who should be moving right now is . . . ." That reminded me so much of being a teacher, myself."


  1. OH MY GIDDY GOSH! I love the overture! I think you covered most all the things I say each day, including a few I thought I was the only one to say. Apparently, I say the same things a lot because we always have thing at the end of the year where the 5th grade kids imitate their teacher and most are me saying the same things. Here a couple I find myself saying:
    Let's be mature.
    I can't even hear myself thinking.
    Is that a "Just Right" book?

    Thanks for the laughs!

  2. I'm just brainstorming here. Not sure I'd want all these included in our song!


    Thank you for:
    raising your hand,
    standing quietly,
    keeping your hands to yourself, helping your friend,
    telling the truth,
    following directions.

    Aw, shucks, that was a really bad choice, I'm sorry you made that choice. I'm sure next time you will make a better choice.

    No, you cannot:
    sleep during readers' workshop, stand on your desk,
    make cafeteria lunch sculptures,
    go the bathroom AGAIN,
    pole dance for the talent show,
    do science experiments with our schools' toilets or electric outlets,
    Practice wrestling moves inside,

    Nice work.
    Good job.
    Can I share this with the whole class?
    Amazing thinking!

    This is your warning!
    Be Nice! Work Hard!
    Be brave.
    Strong people know how to walk away from a fight.
    Are you feeling brave and strong enough, yet, to apologize?

    Yes, you can:
    choose what you want to write about,
    choose where you want to sit,
    play learning games,
    write a comic,
    write a play,
    write the principal a letter,
    tell jokes,
    bring your dog for show-and-tell,
    make suggestions for a field trip,
    roll your eyes,

    I'm trusting you to make good choices.

    Do we have homework today? Let me see? Do I love you today? Yes. So, we do have homework today!

    Do your best.
    Take a risk.

    Okay, that's enough for now. Thanks for the VID and for the fabulous idea to make a teaching one. I think it's gonna be even funnier than the mom one. I have even more, but I don't want to completely dominate the comments here.

  3. Ok...loved, loved loved the overture and really started to think about all the wacky things I say at home and school.

    Home: "Ok guys time for a bath." Five mins later..."I said, get upstairs it is time for a bath!" Five mins later..."I think I have asked you guys 5 times to start the bath!"

    I love the way you are ready to listen. Fred please come join us for a story. Barney, please stop jumping like a frog. Wilma can you out the hair band in your bookbag? Fred, don't worry about the pencils, please come and join I think we are ready. Yes, you can go to the bathroom!!

  4. You ladies are a scream! I can't wait to put all this together into an overture. Maybe I WILL try to sing it to the Wm. Tell and put it up on YouTube!

    Pass the word around that we're collecting phrases...I don't think we have 2:55 yet!

  5. Inevitably, I usually have to start a storytime with:

    Criss-cross, applesauce
    Pockets on the carpet
    Hands in your lap

    Woah, look at (insert names here) they are ready for a story,

    As a class would leave the library, the teachers always say, "Quiet signs please as we walk down the hall."

    Great idea!!

  6. Ladies,

    I love the Mom's Overture. I think that jokes and humor that make us laugh the hardest are based more on fact than fiction.

  7. Anonymous11:02 AM

    How about 1-2-3 eyes on me?

    Did you ever see the very sweet low-budget Dad's one, to Pachabel's Canon. I think it's even touching-er...

    I can't find it on Youtube right now but if I do, I'll let you know...

  8. My two favorite classroom phrases:

    1. When students asked to vote or said "It's not fair." My response:
    This is not a democracy, it's a benevolent dictatorship.

    2. When students had questions about an assignment, my response was: Ask three before me!

  9. LOL these are priceless! Here is my list:

    Show me you are ready.
    Marshmallow toes and clam lips...
    Be Dumbo the elephant: all eyes and ears!
    Eyes on me please.
    Skinny line!
    Everyone needs a book and a chair.
    Sit up straight!
    Fingers on the Home Row! (keyboarding class)
    Turn around... I'm over here.
    I'm coming around... please raise your hand and be patient.
    There is only one of me.
    One person at a time...
    We are all listening to so-and-so now.

  10. Loved the video.
    Here are mine:
    Eyes on me
    Make sure it is appropriate ( I teach middle school)
    Everything you every need to know is written on the white board.
    What you like break today?
    Take out your notebooks and remember date and title.
    Have you washed your hands today?
    I'm sorry... we don't do sugar before lunchtime.
    Stow that luggage, meaning backpacks, gym bags, purses, and whatever. The teacher is classroom cruising.
    Did you put your name on it?
    Always edit your work.
    Before you shut down the computer, save, save, save.


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