Tuesday, October 16, 2007

See How It's Made

DK Publishing has a new book out--SEE HOW IT'S MADE. I picked it up because we are doing a genre study in Writing Workshop on How-To Writing. (I am all about short genres for genre studies these days!) And this book is filled with it!

This is a DK book but looks different from others I have seen by this publisher. I guess once you open the book, there are similarities--white background, great photos, etc. But the cover is bright and inviting in a different way from the other DK and Eyewitness books I know.

This book shares information on how lots of things are made--from ice cream to sausage, to skateboards to t0shirts to rope to soap...and more.

Each item is given 2 two-page spreads. The first page introduces the item, the ingredients and some interesting facts. The second two-page spread goes through the step-by-step process needed to make the product. Each step is accompanied by amazing photographs that show the making in action.

The pages are also filled with "Did you know?" information--just fun connected info. There is also some extra trivia at the bottom of each page as well as an "At a Glance" section on the top border that summarizes the basics of the how-to.

This is a great book. Kids (and adults for that matter) can't seem to keep their hands off of it. At school, it has become quite popular. When I bring it home, it disappears with my 8 year old.

In terms of how-to writing, it is a great one to use as a mentor text. But, it is even better to read because it is just fascinating--great nonfiction for kids. It is everything nonfiction should be--lots of fascinating information packed on each page!

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  1. Susan T.9:17 PM

    oh, boy, this looks like a birthday present for Junior. Thanks, Franki!

    There's a show on the Discovery Channel called "How It's Made," produced in Quebec but narrated in English. 15-minute segments about the manufacture or production of something. I wonder if the two are related. Jr. thinks the Discovery show is excellent. That and "Dirty Jobs."


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