Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's On My Kindle?

About a month ago, Franki wrote about her Kindle reading. Recently, I've gotten a little download happy, so I thought it might behoove me to look through what I've got on my Kindle so I can make a plan to get it all read. Heaven forbid that I become a Kindle hoarder!!

If you have a Kindle/Kindle app, I suggest that you sign up for the Kindle Daily Deal email from Amazon. I rarely buy the deal, but when it's a good deal, it's a REALLY good deal. Because of Winn Dixie was the Kindle Daily Deal a couple of weeks back, and so for 99 cents, I got a copy with my school account and loaded it on the 6 school iPads, and for another 99 cents, I got it for all of my own devices. I LOVE reading Because of Winn Dixie as a read aloud, and the movie is one of the few children's book-to-movie adaptations that I really love. Whole sections of text are in the movie verbatim. So I'm reading it aloud, and while most of the children are reading along in the book, eight each day are getting the experience of Kindle reading on the school's and my iPads and on our classroom Kindle. Very fun!

It's getting to be that time in my career when people are starting to ask, "So...how many years do YOU have left before you retire?" The freedom of retirement is starting to sound REALLY appealing to me, but the financial piece scares me witless. When 7 Money Rules for Life by Molly Hunt came up on the Kindle Daily Deal recently...click...purchased.

I can't remember which was the Daily Deal, but both How We Decide and Imagine--How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer are both on my Kindle shelf. I've started Imagine. It's fascinating.

The Best American Short Stories, edited by Geraldine Brooks was an easy sell -- I love Geraldine Brooks, and reading a collection of short stories edited by her seems like a way to read over the shoulder of an author I love. The Best American Sampler will be a fun way to graze the Best American series.

Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell opened my eyes to poetry e-books with Poetry Tag Time, Gift Tag and P*Tag. Through Poetry Friday recommendations, I now also carry David L. Harrison's Goose Lake, Diane Lockward's Twelve for the Record, Irene Latham's The Color of Lost Rooms, and Greg Pincus' The Late Bird with me wherever my iPad goes. That lifts Keep A Poem in Your Pocket to a whole new level, I think! Who knows whose poetry might show up self-published in an e-book someday!! (...heh, heh...)

I can't bear to get rid of any of the professional books that fill an entire bookcase at home and a shelf at school. At the same time, I have exactly ZERO room to fit another professional book anywhere... except my Kindle! Here are the professional e-books I have so far. I love having them at my fingertips so that when I am planning a lesson or a unit, I can turn to them for ideas no matter where I am, rather than waiting until I can get to one of my physical shelves.

Opening Minds by Peter H. Johnston
Living the Questions by Ruth Shagoury and Brenda Power
Inside Words by Janet Allen
Everyday Editing by Jeff Anderson
Small Steps, Big Changes by Chris Confer and Marco Ramirez


  1. Can't wait to see your poetry e-book, Mary Lee!

  2. I was wondering if you could create an e-book of your month of poems, too, Mary Lee? Thanks for telling about the Amazon daily deal. I had no idea that it was there, although I use Amazon to look things up all the time. Attention to details! That's what I'm often telling the students to do! Arrgh! Thanks for telling us about the Kindle. I still haven't done much but download those poetry books you mentioned, which I've loved!

  3. What a lovely surprise to find my poetry chapbook, Twelve for the Record, listed here as among your new acquisitions! Thanks so much for downloading and then mentioning. Thanks also for letting me know about the Kindle Daily Deal which I'd never heard of, but am now signed up for. I'm a former high school English teacher and can tell you that you'll love being out of the classroom and pursuing new goals.

  4. I too am thanking you for the "daily deal" info..."how did I not know this" is replaying over and over again in my mind. BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE is pure delight. I just listened to the audio version with my kids on a car trip over the weekend and was reminded how much I love all those characters.

  5. Wow, I'm in some mighty fine company on your iPad. Janet and Sylvia really were the pioneers there, and those three Poetry Tag collections are must-owns (even if one doesn't have an e-reader, they're worth getting the free Kindle or Nook app and reading them on a computer).

    And I can't believe I missed Imagine as a deal! I'm on the library waiting list for that and can't wait to read it....

  6. Thanks for the heads-up about the Kindle Daily Deal--I just got a Kindle for Mother's Day!

    (P.S. I'm going to NCTE! Yay!)

  7. Who knew about the Kindle Daily Deal?!!! Thanks so much for sharing. You have some great titles loaded and ready to go!


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