Saturday, March 29, 2014

Celebrate This Week!

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This week, we are celebrating a week of leisure--not of doing nothing, but of having a little bit of extra time over spring break to browse online, to read a few more posts than usual and to find some gems!  Here are the things we found online this week that are worth celebrating and sharing.

If you have not read A Snicker of Magic , it is one of my favorites of 2014 already.  I was thrilled to see that author Natalie Lloyd had a post on Nerdy Book Club this week and even more happy after I read it. It is an amazing piece that you'll want to read.  There's A Lion in My Closet.

My good friends Drew and Candis Jones created a new product for their Etsy store which I LOVE LOVE. They shared the new produce on Facebook and I was so glad I saw it right away!  I own a few too many of their necklaces but I can't imagine I could ever own too many of these bracelets! Check them out!

Then, I found this amazing Ted Talk thanks to @kylepace on Twitter. Drew Dudley's "Leading with Lollipops". Such a powerful message.  I happen upon Ted Talks I love once in a while but knew that Mary Lee had a goal of fitting more Ted Talks into her life.  So I passed it along. She loved it too.

Mary Lee here: I had high hopes for getting caught up on reading through the blog posts in my overflowing Feedly. Alas, that, and thoroughly cleaning the house one room at a time just didn't get done. I did manage to get in a TED talk with illustrated notes. Thanks for the link to Kyle's post about "Leading With Lollipops," Franki!

And I loved this piece by Tammy at Assessment in Perspective, "Practicing Until It's In Your Bones". An important message for teachers.

At Michigan Reading Association, Colby Sharp hinted that there'd be a big SharpSchu announcement coming up soon so I was thrilled to finally hear details about their new challenge!  Looking forward to hearing their thought on the Geisel winners!

My daughter and I went to see Divergent this weekend. We both loved the movie. I became fascinated by the idea that Shailene Woodley is playing the part of Tris and of Hazel in the upcoming Fault in Our Stars movie.  What am amazing actress to be able to play both of these roles well. I loved her interview that I found somehow.

One thing I like about social media is the way that it gets word out about important issues. I try to focus on positive stories but there were a few negative stories that pulled me in this week. One story that has stayed with me was the story about the runner wearing a tutu who was made fun of by Self Magazine.  I don't often repost negative stories on FB or Twitter but I felt like sharing this story was important. It is a celebration for me because once it was shared in social media, it was clear that most everyone in the world knows this is wrong.  That treating people like this is not okay.  Lots of people sharing the story as a way to take a stand against people being treated like this. A very small thing to do but small things are important.


  1. Happy to hear from both of you about your week of break. Mine starts now, & I hope to find time for all those links you've highlighted. I have A Snicker of Magic, hope to get to it soon! And to see Divergent. I did enjoy the series a lot! Have a great weekend, both of you!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that Ted Talk. What a powerful message!

  3. I look forward to reading all your links. They all sound great! I can't wait to see Divergent when I return from spring break. I do think it's amazing Shailene Woodley is in two blockbusters! A Snicker of Magic is awesome - we loved Skyping with Natalie Lloyd. She is so sweet! I missed the NBC post - I've been reading so many SOLSC posts, so I'll catch up!

  4. You two just keep on going, energizer bunnies both of you. Our break doesn't come until Easter. I will be well in need of it by then. A Snicker of Magic is the book I am savoring now. We have a running list of the words on our class board. Holly, I want to know how you got a Skype visit with Natalie Lloyd.

  5. Thank you for pointing out the Leading with Lollipops TEDx talk - great one.

  6. So many fun things to celebrate! I just added a bunch of books to my hold list at the library. I can't wait to pick them up. I'm getting ready to reread in April and The Fault in Our Stars is such a favorite that I think I'll be rereading. I'm so excited for the movie!

  7. I love how your celebrations always include the fun things in life too - like jewelry! We can get so consumed by work, and even no matter how much we love it, there are other things in life to celebrate as well! Have a great week!

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  9. Thank you for sharing all these little celebrations, Franki--I really enjoyed the perspective shared in the Tedx talk--Lollipop moments are happening every day : )

    You and Mary Lee have given me those types of moments through the resources, reviews, and reflections you share here. THANK YOU!!, both, for taking the time to create those moments in this space--> and through all that you do Outside of this space : )



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