Saturday, March 01, 2014


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I'm not just celebrating this week, I'm celebrating this MONTH.

Goodbye, February! Been nice to know you! We had some fun times...but mostly we had snow and cold. I know you can't help being who you are. It must be rough to be post-holiday and pre-Spring. You have to wait four long years to special in any way. But you know what? Even though it feels like a grueling effort to make it through your days, you actually help me to fine-tune my Signs-of-Spring Senses. Just the other day, for instance, when you gave us that glorious spring preview and we were able to have salmon on the grill for the first time since fall, I heard the robins singing in the dark.

In this mosaic, we begin with wing tracks in the deep snow that seemed to last forever. The rest of the first row: award winners in our classroom library, a message from the Universe that I have yet to decode, TED notes made with pens... ROW 2: ...that bleed through but I don't care. Community band at Old Worthington Farmer's Market brings me joy every week (their tribute to Pete Seeger made me teary), another message from the Universe that couldn't be clearer (and it's just a tiny bit ironic that I took a PICTURE of it, eh?), the sky at Gene Barretta's airport vs. the sky in Columbus (he was the only author who didn't make it to #DubLit14). ROW 3: #DubLit14 -- student work, authors, celebrities. ROW 4: The last of the snow (or, based on the current forecast, should I say, the last of LAST MONTH'S snow) looks like a beached whale at our curb, auto tracks in a dusting of snow, (next 7) this is a visual rendition of That Silence I wrote about here (and I promise this is the last time I'll link to that review), LASTLY: a mosaic of the March Birthday Cake: "The Making." In the March Mosaic, you'll see March Birthday Cake: "The Icing and Eating."

A better view of the photos in this mosaic can be seen on Flickr.



  2. I like your monthly mosaics. I wonder if you have made yearly collections.

  3. I keep thinking I'll begin a mosaic because I love yours so much, Mary Lee, and I do take a few pics, then forget. I guess I'll just have to keep looking forward to yours! Love that you had such a good month, in spite of those snowy days-& yes, I saw that more is coming... Enjoy the weekend anyway!

  4. As I said on FB - i love this time on your blog, Mary Lee. Good riddance to February, however.

  5. Mary Lee, My sentiments about winter as well! I got my snow wish and now let's move along to spring, please. Here's to spring soon.

  6. I love the mosaic and the messages from the universe.February is a state of mind and yours sounds like a good one!


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