Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science!!

218 poems by 78 poets!

The same wonderful format as the K-5 and 6-8 editions, with a poem a day for each grade level AND a "Take Five" instructional focus with connections to the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


Illustrated student editions by grade level, without the Take 5 teacher notes, and WITH bonus poems!

Order yours now at Pomelo Books or on Amazon.

Yes, you can find my poems in this edition...SIX of them this time! 3 in first grade and 3 in third grade!


  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Congratulations, Mary Lee! I ordered this book as soon as I found out about it. Can wait for it to arrive!

  2. Six of the most wonderfully varied poems, Mary Lee, from the simple yet soulful "Cancer" to the funny and playful "After I Made a Huge Mess with My Chemistry Set"! But what I love is the way your "Pumpkin Experiment" has wormed its way into my head: last week I looked in the refrigerator and said, "Oh, my: this is like a Land Lab!"

  3. I knew you when, Mary Lee. I am so happy to see more and more of your wonderful poems making their way into the world. Can't wait to read these books! Mine should arrive any day!

  4. Congratulations, Mary Lee! I just received mine in the mail today and saw your name. What a terrific resource.

  5. Congratulations Mary Lee. Mine is on its way, and I know it'll be good, like the others. Really helpful books, and fun to read all the poems. Great idea too for the illustrated poem/books

  6. Mary Lee...I just got mine, and "Cancer" really got me. Your perspective is always so true. xo


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