Friday, March 21, 2014

Poetry Friday -- Pancakes!

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by TIm Hamilton

(Heaven must be a place where there are pancakes.)

Pancakes, pancakes, I love you.
Batter, butter, syrup, too.

Mix them up and pour them out,
use a ladle or a spout.

Pour them in a pan that’s hot,
cook them well, but not a lot.

Get them brown, don’t let them burn
Use a spatula to turn

them over when one side is brown.
Be careful and flip UP not down.

Stack them on a plate real high.
Look at them, let out a sigh.

Melt the butter, pour the maple
(don’t get any on the table!).

Get your napkin, tuck it in
(don’t get maple on your chin!)

Now your fork…get ready…GO!
Eat your pancakes, 10 in a row.

Oh my goodness, this won’t do –
I am full down to my shoes!

Let me rest for just a bit…
Okay, now 10 more will fit!

The bacon’s ready now, you say?
Life is good! I say, “HOORAY!”

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

Julie Larios has the Poetry Friday roundup this week at The Drift Record.

Next week, on the brink of Poetry Month 2014, the roundup will be here. I'm hoping you'll share a description of your PoMo14 project for a special roundup within the roundup.

Best wishes to the authletes who are participating in March Madness! Write on!


  1. Next time you come to Denver, we need to go to Snooze. Most amazing pancakes ever! Traditional! Pineapple Upside Down! Red Velvet! Yummy!

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Happy Friday, everyone!

  3. Yummy poem, makes me hungry for pancakes!

  4. Delicious poem!

  5. My kind of poem. I predict pancakes for breakfast this weekend. :)

  6. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I love pancakes, too! Your poem is scrumptious!

  7. Now I am yearning for pancakes, Mary Lee - breakfast for dinner!

  8. Your poem was the perfect pairing for my dinner. We melted the butter and poured the maple....didn't get any on the table.

  9. Pancakes and bacon! Wow! That's a special treat. My husband always makes us chocolate chip (and walnut) pancakes on Sundays. Always something to look forward too. :)

  10. Mary Lee,
    This is so much fun to read! It also really makes me want pancakes. When I fix my youngest daughter pancakes in the morning she will thank you for this poem.

    I think it was this part that got me:
    "Stack them on a plate real high.
    Look at them, let out a sigh.
    Melt the butter, pour the maple"


  11. Delicious, Mary Lee. I'll be dreaming of buttery, syrupy pancakes all day today.

  12. Yum. I am so hungry! Thanks for this delicious breakfast poem:>)

  13. Yum...with bacon. It doesn't get better than that!

  14. Drat! I should have known better than to read this before breakfast. My stomach rumbles in your honor. (It's saying well done, Mary Lee-- where's mine?)


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