Tuesday, April 07, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Acceptance


My trio of tubes
were machined
to make music.

I hang inside
dreaming of breezes
gathering dust.

In my bones,
I hum.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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  1. I can hear the silent hum. I love the line "dreaming of breezes gathering dust."
    Here is my poem about Acceptance

  2. Every morning, I can hardly wait to get to my computer, to see what surprises you have waiting. Today's is a good one. I love this. A totally surprising image to go with the theme. That worker bee title (how do you always manage to do that?). And those killer last lines. In my bones/I hum. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Perfect. As always.


    Eight years old
    stubby fingers
    peel the card
    golden brown,
    scrolling medieval letters,
    border of turquoise and maroon.
    from under the glass
    on my mother's walnut dresser.

    God grant me
    the serenity
    to accept the things
    I cannot change
    to change the things I can
    and wisdom
    to know the difference.

    Mama, what does this mean?
    "Someday you will understand,"
    she says.
    you will understand."

    And she takes the card
    from my hands
    and slides it back under the glass.
    "Leave it there,"
    she says.
    "I need it."

    Half a century later
    I need that prayer too.

    But I need a few more lines.

    God, help me to trust
    that all is good
    when life
    and my dreams
    are on two
    completely different
    opposite moving

    And grant me the patience
    to accept
    when change
    comes more slowly
    than the Colorado River
    carving the Grand Canyon
    over all those
    millions of years.

    Most of all, God,
    grant me
    to smile and laugh
    past the never ending
    sorrow ache
    in the pit of my soul.

    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2015

    1. joyendurancejoy. Book ends. We must find joy at each end of all that we endure. Love this.

    2. I pray for that serenity for you, Carol.

    3. I think about you every day Carol. I wish for you that joyendurancejoy. Hugs.

  3. When I saw today's word, acceptance, I was compelled to write about my cat, Hadley.

    1. And I love today's image and poem. Love the alliteration in the first stanza and then the wonderful conclusion, "In my bones, I hum."

  4. I read this three times as I teach my students to do. Each time I found something new. Spring is not here yet to ring those chimes gently in the breeze.

  5. ... "except," he said
    and I quickly replied, "Ok"
    only to add to the confusion
    of the word he meant
    to say, which no doubt was as an extension
    of further thoughts before I cut him
    off to accept something incomplete,
    except I didn't know it at the time
    I accepted it.


  6. Love "in my bones, I hum." I have a set of chimes that are catching the breezes these days and making zen-like tones.

  7. I've just been catching up on your PO-EMotions. So much richness - wow! Thank you!

  8. I will have acceptance in my poem tomorrow and possibly joy. I liked the

  9. I am so enjoying your poetry and the images that go along with your words. In my bones I hum...beautiful!


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