Friday, April 24, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Distress

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Nicolas Raymond


I ate too much!
I took a test!
My boat capsized!
I'm in distress!

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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"The Procrastinator"

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  1. I can't say it's cute, Mary Lee, because you are in distress, but it's just right for yelling at the top of your lungs!

  2. It is cute--and perfect for yelling. I tackled my biggest source of distress with The Procrastinator

  3. Sending you a lifeline!

  4. Oh no! You certainly expressed that feeling!

  5. Yikes, stress and distress all rolled into one poem.

  6. SORRY
    So sorry, May dear,
    just go on a diet
    then learn to swim.
    I liked your poem
    and had to try it.


  7. Your brief take on distress was distressing to me!

  8. Ok, duh me tried to make these things all one event...and then I's all related to one emotion...but then you knew that. I am so dense sometimes! When I came out of the forest, I read it again and went "Nicely done!" Really!

    I cannot think,
    I cannot talk;
    I'm not so sure
    Which way to walk.
    Which way is left?
    Which way is right?
    I'm just bemused -
    Confused - tonight.

  9. "distress"

    oh de mess
    de duress
    de stress
    of dese tests
    I detest!

    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2015

  10. Mary Lee,
    What a fun rhythm...though not a fun day.


  11. My biggest distress moments revolve around being late and losing things! Thank you for your poem, Mary Lee. xo

  12. Great poem, Mary Lee! I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's contributions!!

  13. I live this little ditty, I'm afraid. :/ Love the accompanying photograph you found.

    1. The leaf is distressed. :-) Couldn't resist a visual example to go with my poem!

  14. Being distressed can cause such a mess. Great poem, Mary Lee! =)

  15. I think part of my distress is never feeling quite like I ate too much...
    admire your brevity!

  16. With all deadlines zooming in on me, I feel this poem even more! Love it. :)


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