Monday, April 06, 2015

PO-EMotion --Sadness

from Google Images -- labeled for reuse

seven paper boats
a single candle in each
flotilla of grief

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

Carol, at Carol's Corner, will join me again this year as often as possible.

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Kay, at A Journey Through the Pages, is joining, too!
Kay ponders the place of giggles in the midst of sadness.

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Heidi, at my juicy little universe, will join us when she can.
Her poem is "Why I Keep a Diary."

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Jone, at DeoWriter, is doing a "double L" challenge. 
She and I are cross-poLLinating our challenges whenever possible. 

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  1. A haiku was a perfect choice for sadness. I love the image as well. I don't know why grief is such an emotional word but it sounds like everything grief is.

  2. Perfect! Like always!
    "A flotilla of grief." (and then I had to go over to Jone's to see if today's word is flotilla, and yep, there it is). And such a perfect image. I will think about this one for a while, I think.


    once she was a
    barely tethered red kite
    dancing twirling soaring
    daring life's winds
    to change her perspective
    today she wonders
    whether a tangled heap
    of sticks and paper
    will ever find
    blue skies
    or joy's tailwinds

    Carol Wilcox, (c) 2015

    1. This is lovely Carol. So much emotion wrapped in the world of a kite.

    2. From joy to sadness back to joy??? I enjoyed this poem, Carol.

  3. And you've found just the picture for this too. There are recent events that I think of with this "flotilla of grief", Mary Lee.

  4. The flotilla of grief packs such sadness into so few words.
    I took a few more words today with my poem When I Was Young

  5. When I read your poignant haiku on sadness, I knew that I needed to write a poem. My humble offering, Survivor Tree Speaks, is found at Thanks for inspiring me, Mary Lee.


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