Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Pride

Flickr Creative Commons photo by Todd Shoemake


Is it branches full of unopened blossoms against
an impossibly blue April sky?

Or could it be rows of trees, heavy with fruit in
late summer, yellow jackets hovering?

Look down. Is it in the remains of  
the bounty, rotting after October frosts?

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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"Piano Pride"

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  2. And still another absolutely perfect poem. I'm blown away, as always, by your ability to capture such vivid images, such big message, in so few words. This is gorgeous.


    it's such
    a delicate balance
    that constant teetering

    taking pride in one's work
    and being prideful

    being someone's pride and joy
    and being an approval monger

    being proud as a peacock
    and the pride that goes before a fall

    bursting with pride
    and having to swallow your pride

    I wish the scales
    didn't tip
    quite so often.

    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2015

  3. Spring is coming Mary Lee, I promise! I see glimpses every day.

  4. You caught the emotion in your pairing and gave us a glimpse of what is happening with spring in Ohio. Interesting that spring is just not ready to make its splendid debut.

  5. All of the above! Such lovely images, too.

  6. I love the unexpected last stanza! Well done.


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