Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Hope



The chemicals begin to drip.
She can feel her veins burning.

Fish are rising
in the deep pool across the stream.

Mother waves from the screen door
as the car pulls out of the drive.

Fingertips rest lightly on the keyboard.
Screen glows impassively.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

Carol, at Carol's Corner, will join me again this year as often as possible.

Kimberley, at iWrite in Maine, is joining me this month. 
Kay, at A Journey Through the Pages, is joining, too!
"Hope Pokes"

Steve, at inside the dog, is sharing his poems 
in the comments at Poetrepository.

Heidi, at my juicy little universe, will join us when she can.

Linda, at TeacherDance, will join as often as she can.
Check the comments at A Year of Reading or Poetrepository for her poems.

Kevin (Kevin's Meandering Mind) is back this year,
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Carol, at Beyond Literacy Link, is writing alongside us when she can.
"Gentle Stroll"

Jone, at DeoWriter, is doing a "double L" challenge. 
She and I are cross-poLLinating our challenges whenever possible.


  1. What a great concept! I'm going to use snapshots this month. The first one was amazing.

  2. Sorry for the false start today (if you got last night's draft in the three minutes it was live before I yanked it down).

  3. I love the snapshots! Each one a perfect picture. My poem tooday is Hope pokes

  4. Mary Lee, this is a great look at narrative poetry. It reminds me of a script where different vignettes happen at the same time-all stories lead to a central thought. Wonderful job!

  5. Mary Lee, my snapshot is a Gentle Stroll through a garden of life.

  6. A really interesting format. This would be fun to try with kids.

    I have a found poem today, part Emily Dickinson, part Bible verses, and part and old favorite hymn-- a little of this and a little of that.


    “Hope” is the thing with feathers -

    Faith is the confidence
    in what we hope for
    and assurance
    about what we do not see.

    That perches in the soul –

    We have this hope as
    an anchor for the soul,
    firm and secure.

    And sings the tune without the words –
    It is well with my soul,
    it is well with my soul
    it is well,
    it is well,
    with my soul.

    And never stops -

    Let us hold unswervingly
    to the hope we profess,
    for He who promised is faithful.

    And sings the tune without the words –
    It is well with my soul,
    it is well with my soul
    it is well,
    it is well,
    with my soul.

    And never stops -
    at all.

    (c) Carol Wilcox, 2015

    1. Carol, a little bit of this and a little bit of that have joined together to make a marvelous hopehymn. What a clever way to merge ideas into a seamless poem that is so uplifting.


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