Sunday, April 12, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Aversion

Flickr Creative Commons photo by Larry Hoffman


liver and onions
being in the spotlight
committee meetings
folding laundry

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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Today's word is LOLLYGAG.


  1. "Versions of aversions" is a fabulous title! Cool that you got "lollygagging" in there. Great word.

  2. One aversion to someone is a passion of another. Isn't it interesting figuring out what we are averse to? I love the shape of this poem too.

  3. I have to agree with Kimberly--it's fascinating to see what different people are averse to. I'll pass on the liver and onions, too, but I love oysters! I tried another limerick for today.

  4. Mary Lee, ditto Kimberley and Kay on personal aversions. I am in agreement with conflicts but love oysters and their gooey look. Lollygagging has been one of my favorite words since I learned in high school or college (can't remember which one). Thank you for including me in your intro. I will remain true to form. Right now, I am trying to finish arranging the gallery in between the start of the quesy stomach again.

  5. Like Irene, I love your title! And share your aversion for liver and onions and oysters! Even looking at that picture makes me gag! EWWW!

    I messed around with an abecedarian today.


    I abhor all things domestic,
    housework is not for me--

    I'm bitter 'bout buffing bathtubs,
    Hold contempt for cleaning closets,
    Dislike doing dishes,
    Exerting elbow grease exhausts me!

    I find floor scrubbing frightful, and
    grocery shopping gives me goosebumps,
    housework harms my humor,
    ironing irritates immensely,
    and while we're on the subject
    just leave my junk drawer junky!

    Kitchen cleanup makes me cranky, and
    laundry leaves me loathing,
    I find making beds malevolent, and
    Neat freaks nauseate me.
    My organization is original,
    Please don't pick up my putdowns
    I have qualms about your quick sweeps
    I'd rather leave rubbish round!

    I stink at sweeping stairways,
    Towers teeter on my table,
    Underneath my bed is ugly,
    I view vacuuming with vitriol,
    And wail when I wash windows,

    I expect you'll find messy
    and quite honestly I don't care,
    Though I yearn for better habits,
    Zeal for domestic
    isn't there!

    (c) Carol Wilcox, 2015

    1. Amen, sister!

      And I agree about the oyster photo. I have to avert my eyes so I don't gag every time I come to this post!

  6. Avert your eyes:
    I am most vulnerable
    in my writing and am apt
    to say something strange
    at any given moment.
    You've been warned.


  7. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I share most of your aversions, Mary Lee, but I love folding laundry. I listen to an audiobook as I fold and put away, and I'm always finished too soon.


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