Monday, August 25, 2008


As a kid who put on plays for my parents almost daily (painful for them, I am quite sure), AMELIA MAKES A MOVIE is quite fun! This new picture book is all about Amelia and her process of making a movie. She goes through the whole thing--script, lights, building a set, etc. It is quite exciting to watch the movie unfold with surprises along the way.

I love that this book takes into account the fact that kids have the capabilities of producing a movie on their own. The video camera and computer for editing are all a part of the illustrations and these kids are quite confident with all of the things needed to pull together a movie.

I also love the illustrations. Lots of talking bubbles, good colors, a graphic type look. The characters are quite likable--as are the pets who help out quite a bit:-)

A great book for all ages. I can see kids reading this one for fun, as a model for how-to nonfiction writing, and I can see teachers adding it to collections of books that help kids see a variety of purposes for writing.

Thinking about everything out there on 21st Century Literacies, this is a great book to show how the tools of the 21st Century just add to the same great thinking process of those who create!

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  1. I can't wait to read this book! What a great concept - you know all kids will love the idea of making a movie!



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