Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Goals Revisited


This isn't going to be pretty. Here are the summer goals I set in June:
1. In an attempt to slow summer down and savor every minute, I vow to make fewer lists. (Ignore the fact that this is a list, please.)
2. I will exercise EVERY morning and walk EVERY morning that it's not raining. EVERY. (Embedded in this one is a daily glance at the ceiling to say, "Thanks for another day above ground.")
3. I will write in my writer's notebook EVERY day. (Embedded in this one is a close attention to what's right in front of me, reminiscing about what's behind, and anticipation for what lies ahead.)
4. Make multi-tasking an endangered species in my life. Focus. On. One. Thing. At. A. Time. Be a better listener.

Here's what I did first thing this morning:
1. Made lists -- not one, but TWO!
2. Gave myself permission not to exercise and walk. (It's not raining.)
3. Moved my writer's notebook to the other end of the kitchen table.
4. Stopped working on an enormous pile of Notables so I could write this post.

How did summer goals go for you? Anyone else want to come clean on their complete failures or stunning successes? (or anything in between)

Franki's goals are here. The round-up of goal-setters is here. Let us know if you post on your outcomes and we'll round those up as well.


Edited to add: Karen at Literate Lives gives herself a 50% success rate. Yay, Karen!
Megan at Read, Read, Read got 4 out of 5 for an 80% success rate. Yay, Megan!
Jen W. at Eclectic Reader is feeling good about her goals. Yay, Jen!
Abby, at Authentic Learner got married AND met her goals.  Yay, Abby!
Bill, at Literate Lives met almost all of his goals, and who cares if it was by accident!  (I call that good goal writing!)  Yay, Bill!
Barbara, at Greetings from Nowhere achieved every single one of her goals!  Yay, Barbara!
Cloudscome, at A Wrung Sponge, has checked in with her successes, accompanied, as you might expect, by a gorgeous photo.  Yay, Cloudscome!


  1. Hey ladies!
    My results are now posted over at Literate Lives! Revisiting the goals was fun (and funny)!!

  2. I honestly didn't do too bad. I am proud of myself. (Well, considering mine weren't exactly too hard to accomplish.)

  3. Thanks for challenging us and doing the round up. I think I did pretty good and I need the momentum going in to this fall, when I have an even bigger project starting. My post is here.


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