Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Two New Titles From Graphic Universe

Graphic Universe, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, is publishing graphic myths and legends faster than I can keep up. They currently have 27 titles, including Atalanta, Hercules, and Theseus, but also including Yu the Great, Amaterasu, and Sunjata, plus King Arthur, Robinhood, and William Tell. Here is a complete list of all the titles in the series so far.

I started to say that they are "churning out" graphic myths and legends faster than I can keep up, but then you might think these books don't deserve your attention. Far from it. As the website proudly points out, these books have useful text structures: map, table of contents, glossary, index, websites and books for further reading, and information about the research that was done to ensure the authenticity of each story.

One of the two newest is PIGLING: A CINDERELLA STORY. Add this Korean version of Cinderella to your collection and your fairytale unit!

MARWE: INTO THE LAND OF THE DEAD is an East African Legend about a girl who, with her brother, fails to keep watch over the family's bean fields, allowing the monkeys to eat the beans. She does not want to return to face her father's wrath, so when the strange circle appears before her, she goes through, only to find herself in the Land of the Dead. She is careful to eat nothing while she is there, so that when she has learned to be a caring and thoughtful person, she can return home. A classic coming-of-age story.


  1. If I keep reading your blog, I'm going to have to take out a second mortgage on my house! :)

    Seriously, thank you so much for a great blog. I love that you are both teachers, and are in the trenches everyday. I have purchased many books based on your reviews.

    My classroom library has over 5000 books, many of which are thanks to you! I want my high poverty students to have the absolute best experiences with reading possible...that means high quality children's literature as a part of the equation.

    Best wishes on the new school year.


  2. The myths are perfect for my students. I need to show them to our school librarian. thanks

  3. thanks! this is one genre where i really look to others for guidance.
    i had some professors that really advocated for the importance of graphic novels in one's classroom library.

    speaking of classics, there is a graphic novel of franz kafka's metamorphosis.

    i'm going to be reviewing a karen hesse title i just finished in the next few days.

  4. Anonymous12:37 AM

    I love your reading blog. May I link to it from my school library site?

  5. Anonymous--
    Thank you for asking -- you absolutely may link to us from your school library site! Thanks for including us!


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