Monday, August 04, 2008


I loved when Stella at My World-Mi Mundo shared her new new work space in her apartment. She said, "I need is a place where I can feel inspired and an organized mess where I can function." And she shared photos of the new space she created.

Bill at Literate Lives shares picks for the space in his library that he has named "The Pit". It is fun to see photos and hear the books that he chooses to share there.

It is that time of year when we are all getting ready for the school year, creating spaces at school and at home that allow for great thinking. We thought it would be fun if we collected and shared our favorite spaces this month. You might have a favorite space that you create in your classroom. Or you may have a spot you'd like to share from your office. If you work in a library, there may be a favorite space there.

We are inviting all bloggers to think about that favorite space and to capture it on a photo. We will post some of our favorite spaces at home and at school over the next few weeks as we get ready for a new school year. Post yours with a caption or description and then let us know that you've posted it. Then we'll do a big round up of all of the posts on September 1.

It will be fun to see the spaces we all create and I am sure we'll all get so many great new ideas from each other.


  1. ohhhh!!! I am loving this idea! As soon as I get home, I will post some pics of my classroom as well! I am eager to see what ideas we can learn from each other!

  2. I've posted my space for trading spaces...loved this idea!!!

  3. My space is posted -- I'm with Katie and Stella -- love that you're doing this!!

  4. Ok! I got it! I just posted my pictures for trading spaces!

  5. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Is this where I post my link? If so, here it is:

  6. Finally, I've gotten mine up. We've been in school for five weeks so far, I thought I would have this done long ago.

    Thanks for organizing this!


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