Friday, August 15, 2008

Poetry Friday -- Count Ten

Count Ten
by Arnold Wesker

(for Harold Pinter)

Count ten. Then

Count ten again.

That way is time measured

Death denied.

Each measures time

His own way - coffee breaks

Rejections, installments

On the car.

Count blessings. Then

Count them again.

(the rest is here)

Tomorrow I am celebrating 10 years since the end of treatments for breast cancer. I am counting blessings; counting ten. Then I will count ten again. And again and again and again...with hope, and luck, and confidence, and courage, and prayers/pleas to the universe, and surrounded by good friends and loving family no matter what the next ten bring.

Poetry Friday round up is at Big A little a this week.


  1. Ten cheers for your cancer-free decade! And ten deep breaths for hope, luck and confidence. Each does "measure time his own way."

  2. This is so beautiful!
    Congratulations on your ten-year anniversary. And wishes for many, many more to come.

  3. Ten (((bear hugs))) for ten big cancer free years!
    Happy Anniversary and best wishes for continued good health!

  4. My sister is just starting out on year one of her cancer-free journey -- so to have ten years behind you is ten twist-and-shouts, ten jump-jives, and several hundred high fives. Way to kick cancer's butt!

  5. A perfect poem for ten years! (this may be my favorite Poetry Friday ever!) Happy day:-)

  6. Anonymous8:33 AM

    May you have many nore celebrations Mary Lee!!!

  7. TEN YEARS!! Congratulations, Mary Lee, and happy anniversary, too. What a beautiful poem -- and so fitting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us.

    Jules, 7-Imp

  8. I am counting 10 and 10 and 10 over and over for you! YOU ROCK!

  9. What a way to start the day...I am counting to 10 all day. So many blessings and YOU are one to me.

  10. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Congratulations! Here's to 11 and beyond.

  11. Here's to 10 more (and 10 more after that....and 10 more after that....)!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem and your personal inspiring thoughts/triumphs.

  12. WooHoo, Mary Lee. (I had no idea.) Congratulations to you! (I think my mom is nearing five years now.) Here's to more good health!

  13. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Here's to ten more and ten more and ten more . . .

  14. Can't wait to celebrate 10 with you! What a huge moment in time!!!

    I'm with Franki -- this might be one of my favorite Poetry Fridays as well!!

  15. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

    My prayers for another 10 years of happiness and health!

  16. Thank you all for your kind wishes, bear hugs, jump-jives, and prayers! I debated whether or not to share this milestone with The Whole World, but when I Googled "poem about ten" and came up with The.Perfect.Poem.Ever., it was a done deal.

    A special thanks goes out to Arnold Wesker for Count Ten. I love the way the poem spirals, how it circles back on itself, how it ends with tree rings -- circles of time that add strength to the tree, one by one, over and over again.

  17. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Running a little behind on reading the blogs-but wishing you congratualations! Enjoy your day-you certainly deserve it. maria

  18. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Yay, Mary Lee! Congratulations! Yippee, yahoo, and Yeeeeee haaaaaa.

  19. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Here are ten hugs for a perfect ten of a day, in celebration of you a PERFECT 10 of a friend to all


  20. Mary Lee, I wanted to tell you Congratulations one more time! I hope you had a great day yesterday. I am sorry I couldn't join you in the celebrations but you bet I was thinking about you!
    To many more healthy years!


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