Sunday, August 24, 2008

Imaginary Menagerie

Imaginary Menagerie: A Book of Curious Creatures
by Julie Larios
illustrated by Julie Paschkis
Harcourt, 2008
review copy provided by the publisher

You've seen this book around the Kidlitosphere:
7-Imp kicked off poetry month last April with it; at Big A little a, Kelly reviewed it for Poetry Friday, as did Charlotte, at Charlotte's Library, although her focus was a little more on the art; and Harcourt has a teaching guide that includes a coloring/activity sheet. (There may be more. If my blog search missed you, let me know!)

I'm sharing it again because I want to make sure it didn't slip off your radar.

Fourteen mythological creatures each get their own poem and a gorgeous, luminous illustration: dragon, mermaid, firebird, centaur, troll, cockatrice, hobgoblin, sea serpent, thunderbird, sphinx, will o' the wisp, gargoyle, naga, and phoenix. (Go to 7-Imp and Charlotte's Library -- links above -- to get a feel for these amazing illustrations.)

The book includes a table of contents, a little more information about each creature (including culture of origin, where possible), and some of the most gorgeous endpapers ever.

Are your students reading fantasy? They need this book! Are you studying mythology? Include this book! Poetry Friday, poetry unit, poetry month: gotta have this book!


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Thank you! I teach poetry every Friday with my students and I am ordering this book. Looks fabulous!

  2. it sounds like this book would be enriching for students in any grade. thanks for the post!

  3. What a fabulous book! I was wanting to get it out yesterday and read it again...


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