Monday, August 11, 2008

Blue Vehicle Fables

Little Blue Truck
by Alice Schertle
illustrated by Jill McElmurry
Harcourt, 2008
review copy compliments of the publisher

I grew up with a little blue train that accomplished great things through the power of positive thinking and a deep and unswerving belief in himself.

Fast forward a bunch of years and we have a little blue truck, who takes time to "Beep" at all the animals along the road. A big important dump truck roars through the story and promptly gets stuck. When the little blue truck tries to help, he gets stuck, too. But all it takes is one "Beep," and all of that networking pays off -- all the animals come to help the little blue truck help the big dump truck.

So now it's all about cooperation and collaboration? Self-reliance and independence are out the window (or out-of-date)?

Maybe there needs to be room on the shelf for both the blue train and the blue truck.

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