Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Reading Village Brings Books to Guatemala

I was reading some of my adoption blogs (Our youngest daughter is adopted from Guatemala) and happened upon Reading Village. You know how it feels when you find something that seems a perfect fit? That is how I felt when I read about Linda's mission at The Reading Village. Linda is committed to bringing books to Guatemala. And she doesn't believe in just dropping them off. She is hosting reading festivals, building libraries, working with teachers and more. So connected to what I know and love.

I have become pretty interested lately in the reading lives of children around the world. I know the impact that books can make and also know that the absence of books can have an impact too.

Linda's project really speaks to me as a person who believes in books and reading. It also speaks to me as an adoptive mom. I think Linda is doing amazing things with her project--a fairly new project, I might add. And I just wanted to let you know about it. The website and blog are both worth visiting--so many happy faces discovering books!

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  1. The children are beautiful! Books have found their way to the children's hands and hearts. What a great project.


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