Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 Great New Gift Books

I had someone asking about a great book for someone getting ready to be a big brother. I didn't know of one but there is a great new one for a child preparing to be a big sister. SUPERSISTER by Beth Cadena is a great story of Supersister who dashes down the stairs like a whistling locomotive, slides down the slide like a speeding bullet and more. This is a fun story about a little girl anxiously awaiting a new baby--practicing the skills it takes to be a Supersister. The superhero language is quite fun and it would make for a good read aloud.

THE CHRISTMAS BABY by Marion Dane Bauer was a great surprise. I am not often drawn to books with religious themes. I have my favorite Christmas stories and it is not very often that I see a retelling of a Christmas story told in a way that outdoes my favorites. But this one was at book fair last week and I loved it. I think it would make a great book for a baby gift--a baby born near the holidays. In this book, Marion Dane Bauer shares a retelling of the story of Mary, Joseph and the manger. The ending of the book connects the story and the joy that families experience when a new baby is born. The added connection at the end makes this a new favorite for me. The illustrations are buy Richard Cowdrey who captures the spirit of the story well. A joyful celebration of the Christmas story and of babies!


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  2. Oh Franki, at home we have a grand collection of Christmas books... told in so many wonderful ways. And what better story to tell!

    We are on a search each year for something new (we give a picture book to a retired friend of ours each year and it's the only gift she wants from us). We're on the search now, I'll have to check this one out!

  3. Every year right after Thanksgiving I buy a new Christmas book. Thanks for helping me make the selection for this year.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion of Supersister. I ordered it for my daughter and it came today! She LOVED the reveal photo in which mom has a gigantic belly. She was so excited to have a connection with the book and spent the next twenty minutes being a "superhero sister."

    What a gem of a book!!


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