Friday, October 02, 2009

Poetry Friday -- Small Moments

"This poem just tries to capture a moment in time."

This Moment
by Eavan Boland

A neighbourhood.
At dusk.

Things are getting ready
to happen
out of sight.

Stars and moths.
And rinds slanting around fruits.

But not yet.

(read the whole poem here)

I've been thinking about the importance of capturing moments in time.
My principal joined my class for a science experiment this week.
He watched and listened and questioned and took notes.
When it was time for him to leave, he held my eyes when he told the whole class that the big lesson he had learned was to closely observe what's happening right in front of you. And be ready to record.
Good reminders.


  1. What a fragrant, sweet poem for this moment. I am cooking figs and my youngest is doing something with a string and some race track, stretched across the dining room table. Crickets sing.

    Thanks for reminding me to record & relish the moment.

  2. This is lovely, Mary Lee. Thanks for sharing! I love the window yellow as butter.


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