Thursday, October 29, 2009

Great New LEGO BOOK Set

I have been looking for good Lego books for years. You would think there would be millions based on how popular Legos are. But I never find them. I had THE ULTIMATE LEGO BOOK a while ago but it is no longer in print. I was browsing Amazon's list of New Releases for Children earlier this week and discovered this set. I ordered it immediately.

It is definitely going to get lots of attention in the library. For a while, I won't put it in circulation. Everyone will want to spend time with it! I think I'll just set these books over by the Legos for everyone to enjoy for a while. I'd like to eventually create a display around Legos and building toys--similar to the amazing displays at The Allen Centre. But I have hard time finding books, etc. on the topic. So, I am thrilled with this find!

The LEGO Books are huge book, as you would expect. THE LEGO BOOK is paired with another called STANDING SMALL (A Celebration of 30 Years of the Lego Minifigure). They are both such great books. THE LEGO BOOK takes us through the history of LEGO. From how they are made to various sets, to the Logo history, to Legoland and more. So much information is packed in. And it has the feel of DK at its best. Great photos and great information--you really get an inside view of design, themes, etc.

STANDING SMALL focuses on the minifigure through history. Some information is shared about how they are made and how they've changed. But the majority of the book focuses on the various minifigures over the last 30 years.

Kids are going to love this book. It opens up so many new possibilities for kids--new ways to think about Legos. I can also see using pages of this with a document camera. Such a great model of nonfiction writing and a topic kids are interested in. I am not someone who plays with Legos but yet I could read this book for hours. I am fascinated by the whole design process and the creation of these.

This set would also make a great gift book. The whole set came from Amazon--shipping included--for less than $30. Well worth every penny!


  1. Must add this to my wishlist for the library!

  2. Thanks for sharing your latest find! I live with a big Lego fan and I think these books will be perfect for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!

  3. I did a happy dance when I saw this book! I have an eight year old who is a self proclaimed "Lego Head" and will no doubt devour this.

    I am so glad you mentioned that the book included some history of how Lego began, he has been asking about this recently.

  4. Thanks for this post - I hadn't heard of this book, but I know a couple of young Lego fans who will definitely love it!


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