Thursday, October 22, 2009


This week, we started a 5th grade Graphic Novels Club in the library. The Club will meet twice a month during lunch and recess. We had 19 kids attend and each came with lots of enthusiasm. Ray Barrett, one of our great Dublin Library librarians will be running the group through the year. Ray knows graphic novels well and I have already learned about lots of titles that I wasn't aware of. Since he is running the club, I was able to sit back and listen to the conversations between Ray and the students. He introduced the club by sharing many new titles with them. The kids were aware of some of them but many were new to all of us. Then they all chit chatted about the Graphic Novels they'd read and enjoyed as well as those that they hoped to read soon. Everyone left with one title in mind that they'd like to read before our next meeting. Ray and I will work together to gather the books they requested.

I was amazed at the level of talk and the knowledge that most of these kids had about graphic novels. I was also excited about the variety of things they were interested in reading. No one was worried about what other kids were choosing to read--they all felt pretty confident in their choicesI think that one thing Graphic Novels are doing for kids today is stretching the genres and authors they read. They seem more willing to try a new genre if it is in graphic novel form. .

It seems that we can't keep graphic novels in the library. Even though I felt like I added many Graphic Novels to the collection over the summer, there are never many available for check out. They are always checked out!

I am excited about the year ahead. We are so lucky that Ray has offered to run this club for us. Graphic Novels are not a genre that I choose to read often but I am hoping that this club will inspire me to read more of them. Ever since I read Terry Thompson's professional book, ADVENTURES IN GRAPHICA, I see the importance of this genre for all readers. The blog THE GRAPHIC CLASSROOM has also helped me learn about new books for elementary readers.

I think The Graphic Novel Club will be a great experience for the kids and we'll all learn so much. I'll keep you posted as we move forward in the year.


  1. That is so great. They really bring the kids in, but many schools are afraid of them. I knew we'd reached a tipping point when the NYT started a bestselller list just for them!


  2. Franki,
    I am wondering where you put this genre when organizing between Fiction and Non-Fiction? It seems that it is crossing both??? Would it be it's own category like Poetry?


  3. This is a neat idea. The students in my writing club (2nd-6th graders) didn't know what graphic novels were when I brought a few in. I would love to hear more throughout the year about the books this group is talking about.

  4. What a great opportunity for your school and students! Love the idea of a club!

  5. WOW. Awesome! Please keep us posted, I am sure the children will LOVE it.


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