Friday, October 16, 2009

Library of Congress Bound!

Image by wallyg

Unfortunately, the sky won't be this blue and the temps won't be this warm! At least it won't snow...will it?

Voice check: None on Wednesday, some on Thursday, more today, high hopes for full volume tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more news from KidLitCon09!


  1. I had a wonderful visit to the Library of Congress. It was my first time there. I hope the Lincoln exhibit is still there.

  2. Have a blast! And rest! A trick I've learned- use a vaporizer or take cough syrup, even if you don't really have a cough. That always brings my voice back more quickly (much to my sons' chagrin!)

  3. So missing this!

  4. And your weather forecast was corect -- we weren't even a little bit dry today! :)


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