Saturday, October 17, 2009

Library of Congress, Full Disclosure

1. We were late to the Library of Congress because it took us longer than we planned to find the hotel. (lesson: get driving directions from multiple sources)
2. We went to the Madison Building instead of the Jefferson Building. (lesson: read the instructions in the email carefully)
3. AJ's pocket knife was intercepted by security. (lesson: don't carry a pocket knife in D.C.)
4. The folks at the Jefferson Building information desk found the KidLitCon group and took us to them via a WAY cool spiral staircase. So we missed the general LOC tour, but we did get to see rare children's books in the Children's Room and rare illustrated books in the Rare Book Room. (lesson: never give up, because even though things aren't turning out the way you planned, something even more wonderful might happen)

Voice check: not back to full strength, but enough to be functional.


  1. Would have loved being there. Glad you were and glad to hear it worked out.

  2. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Years ago, when I was a writing newbie, I used to go to the old children's center in the LOC with a friend where we read brand-new books not yet in libraries. I miss the little room piled with books. There was always room for one more book and one more fledgling writer.


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