Sunday, October 18, 2009


The Library of Congress,

The Capitol Building
(any possible symbolism contained
in the opposition of the flag and the
street sign is purely coincidental and
not intended as a political statement)

A fellow Dublin teacher's son
participated in the U.S. Department
of Energy's Solar Decathlon with
the OSU team.

The energy efficient homes were on
display on the Mall in front of the
Smithsonian, so we had to go check them out!

This is the OSU team's house.
Go, Bucks!

OSU placed 10th


  1. I don't think I was aware of your OSU allegiance yesterday! Would you have shared your laptop with a Michigan fan?? (My husband and I did our graduate work in Ann Arbor--for seven.long.years.)

  2. Anamaria, my allegiance to OSU is thin, at best! I got my MA in children's literature there, but I could care less about the football rivalry. So, yes! I would have still shared my computer with you!

  3. And as a BIG but realistic fan of my beloved Buckeyes, I too would have shared my laptop with a Michigan fan. It was great to be able to share the conference with you.


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