Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This Time of Year

I'm in my 9th year of a 10+ year journal/diary.

As I add entries, I often take time to glance through the previous years to get a feel for the "trending topics" of my life. Here's what I'm seeing for the first week of October:

Almost every year in the first week of October, I lose my voice and/or get a cold. (knock wood, healthy so far this year) It's about this time of year that I wear the first turtleneck or the first tights of the season. (But in 2007, we had temperatures in the 90's!!) The full moon catches my attention every year about now, and Orion keeps me company on my early morning walks.

And every year around this time, there are entries like this:
All of a sudden I feel swamped! How did this happen?!?

Work, work, work.

DRA - meetings before school - spelling assessments - meetings during planning - math facts assessments - meetings after school - interim reports, SAID data base complete - parent conferences - staff meeting - Friday, finally Friday, ahhhhh, blessed Friday...
Sound familiar, Karen?

The good news is, that by the end of October, there are entries about how writing workshop is coming together ("Poetry EXPLODED in my room today!"), dinners out with friends, the changing colors of the trees, the joys of broccoli soup, and special events (Billy Collins and Simon & Garfunkel within two weeks of each other in 2003).

Even though teachers know that The First Weeks of October (and all they bring) are coming, we are blindsided by the intense work of this season every year.

I'm writing this to remind us (me) that we get through it every year. Keep paying attention to the small moments whether you keep a diary/journal or not. Look up at the moon as you drive to school (if you can see it through the October rains), take a minute to laugh with friends, watch your classroom for the signs of the emerging community, breathe. Deep cleansing breath all together now...

Okay. Now go get (back) to work.


  1. I have rejoiced about the community of my classroom, my workshops are thriving, and my "small" conversations with my treasures. But, it's the times when I find myself buried so far under my "have-to's" that I can't seem to find a way to tunnel out. Thank you for your voice and friendship.

  2. Great piece, ML! Couldn't agree with you more on all fronts -- there is a lot that I love about this time of year. However, I think I will appreciate it more after Oct. 22 (last p-t conference night).

    So excited about this coming weekend, though! See Kate and kidlit bloggers all in the same weekend -- priceless!!


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