Monday, October 05, 2009

My Favorite Books at the Book Fair

This week, we are having a Scholastic Book Fair at our school. It is always fun to watch kids shop for books! There are lots of books we'll add to our library and several that I will put on my "Next-Read Stack". But, I do have 3 books that I just LOVE. For totally different reasons. They are new-to-me books and I am happy that I had time to discover them.

CROW CALL by Lois Lowry is an amazing picture book. It is the story from Lowry's childhood. She tells about a day she spent with her father shortly after he returned from the war. This is a wonderful story with gorgeous illustrations. So happy to have a picture book by one of my favorite authors. This will be a great mentor text for kids when writing personal narrative. There is such a strong theme about relationship and connections that goes beyond the plot.

DOGS DON'T BRUSH THEIR TEETH by Diane deGroat is totally amusing. Photos of dogs are used and each spread shows a dog doing something that dogs do (looking out the window) and something dogs don't do (lounging and watching TV with remote in hand). Every other page is a lift-the-flap page. This book is quite fun and the text is perfect for new readers who are just beginning to match words to print. The phrases "Dogs Do." and "Dogs Don't" are the only words the kids read.

ONCE I WAS A CARDBOARD BOX...BUT NOW I AM A BOOK ABOUT POLAR BEARS by Anton Poltier is a story of polar bears AND a story about recycling and how it can help the polar bears. The title is what drew me into this book. This is a nonfiction book about polar bears. But on the side column of each page, there is another thread about recycling and how this book started out as a box but became a book. It is a very smart way to show the relationship between recycling and the need for us to take better care of our world--how that impacts polar bears. Very well done and very engaging.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your book fair findings. I'll be looking for them in a couple of weeks at our school. Most intrigued with the Polar Bear and Recycling book.


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