Thursday, April 28, 2011


I heard about LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG DAY from @MrSchuReads on Twitter. He always knows the best books. I ordered it right away and LOVE it. I love this character. How can this cover illustration not make you happy? I mean, just look at that face! Katie and Jerry Davis (a husband and wife team) have created an amazing story about a character I love. It seems like a simple story but somehow there is depth to these characters. I had the same feelings reading this book that I did when I first read DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS by Mo Willems. First of all, I knew this book needed to be shared with young children as soon as possible. Somehow the author and illustrator have created a character I came to love almost immediately--one whose personality comes through in what appears to be simple text and simple illustration. (but is so not simple!)  And these authors have an amazing sense of the age they write for. Every time I read the book, I notice some other little detail I missed the first time. I love this Little Chicken more every time I read it. This is the first book that Katie and Jerry have created together and I hope there are more. (A new series, maybe????)

The story is about a little chicken who goes to run errands with his "Big Chicken". She is in a hurry and reminds him to do lots of things, hurrying him along. He lets her know that he hears her with a darling phrase that appears throughout the book, "I hear you cluckin' Big Chicken." A great new story to fall in love with.

I read this book to our Kindergarten kids today. I knew immediately that this one would make my BOOKS I COULD READ A MILLIONS TIMES list. They loved Little Chicken right away and giggled and smiled throughout the book. (Like I said, how could you NOT love this character?) They loved joining in to say, "I hear you cluckin' Big Chicken." Between readings, I had the book sitting on a table near the check out desk and a few teachers walked past. They, too, fell immediately in love with Little Chicken before opening the book.

You probably know Katie's other books (KINDERGARTEN ROCKS and WHO HOPS?) but if you haven't had a chance to check out her website, blog and BRAIN BURPS ABOUT BOOKS (which is now also an app :-) , they are definitely things you must make time for in your life!

Did I mention how much we all LOVED the endpages?

When I first read about this book from @MrSchuReads, I noticed that he had purchased 3 copies at once. Now I understand why. You might as well buy several copies of this book at a time too. You'll want one for your classroom and/or library, one for yourself at home, and extras for any gifts you have to buy for the children in your life. Buy a whole stack :-)


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  3. I've heard from Mr. Schu, too! Looks like a lot of fun! :)


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